microstics™ Packets

An all-in-one Performance Support Tool (PST) making Learning a habit through Refresher Bites enabling their successful application.

Comprehensive Performance Support Tool (PST)

microstics™ Packets is an all-in-one Performance Support Tool (PST) delivering Learning Refresher Bites or Packets, helping the employees in the application of knowledge gained. These Packets, in the form of info-graphics, images, short-books, write-ups, diagrams or case scenarios, are directly delivered on-demand or as scheduled just-in-time and responsible for boosting productivity & quality of the deliverables by the employees.

Customized Learning Refresher Bites in the form of infographics, images, short-videos, short-books, diagrams, interactive PDFs or case scenarios

Customized Learning Refresher Bites

The packets are in the form of infographics, images, short-videos, short-books, diagrams, interactive PDFs or case scenarios delivered through a microstics™ Mobile Application. The Packets deliveries can be scheduled or generate on-demand as & when required.

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Just-in-Time Learning

microstics™ Packets provide the employees with ‘just-in-time learning’ during ‘Five Moments of Need’- when learning for the first time, when want to learn deep-dive, when need to remember something, when need to solve a problem or when need to change something; mitigating the Forgetting Curve!

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Just-in-Time Learning

Improving Application of Learnings easily

Improving Knowledge Application with Ease

Being less disruptive in nature, our Refresher Bites can be easily embedded in your employee's workflow providing the right amount of support & guidance as & when required within the work-flow itself driving more instances of successful applications of knowledge gained.

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Boosting Learning ROI Significantly

microstics™ Packets complement and supplement the formal learnings translating to higher performance levels- increasing productivity & reducing errors at work and hence they are extremely effective contributor in boosting Learning ROI eventually.

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Enhancing Learning ROI Significantly

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