Once upon a time in 2005, an under graduating student, who had to manage his lectures, practical and a part-time job he was doing to gain additional knowledge & experience, was facing a big challenge of time management!

He wished if he could learn while traveling through places to make the best of out of available time. It was an era of feature phones started landing into hands of common people. In other words, it was a time when people used to live happily without smartphones. Unbelievable but a fact!

He managed somehow through the situation and secured multiple degrees on his name. He is now in his early thirties and working in Bangalore with one of the globally renowned internet companies that operates in multiple time-zones. He often needs to stay late handling client calls beyond his working hours as his profile demands it.

To feel empowered in the challenging role, he needs to gain knowledge on a regular basis and the information should be easily accessible in the moment. He has been thinking to take up a training for the past 7-8 months but could start yet due to his tight schedules.

Change is the only constant and that certainly holds true for almost all the industries that continue to grow rapidly, resulting in the need for employees to constantly learn, adapt and evolve. Employees have to keep up with the current trend to deliver in their roles.

While traditional classroom trainings still continue to have its place, he seeks a learning solution that gives him the ability to access information at the point of need and are just right sized to fit his downtimes. He seeks learning in parts. He seeks Micro Learning!

Micro Learning is a holistic approach for a skill-based learning through small learning units generally delivered as e-Learning or Mobile Learning even in a primary technological environment. It is designed to be effective, engaging and enjoyable for maximum knowledge acquisition.

Micro Learning provides bite-sized learning content in stark contrast to the traditional model of learning and thus better engagement follows.

Micro Learning shines brightly through multi-dimensional benefits in terms of:

1. Time: relatively short degrees of time consumption and hence lesser efforts & operational expenses.

2. Curriculum: small or very small units, narrow topics, specific topic-focused, leverage informal learning.

3. Form: short-length e-learning videos, episodes, modules, short-books, etc.

4. Process: independent yet with integrated activities, interactive, etc.

5. Media: multi-media deliveries through electronic, print, etc.

In a wide sense, Micro Learning can be understood as a metaphor which refers to micro aspects of a variety of learning models, concepts and processes.

sAvh Learning Solutions offers Micro Learning opportunities through its flagship product- microstics™ which is an AI-Powered Micro e-Learning SaaS Platform integrated with smart tools for Employee Skill Assessment, Performance Support Tools (PSTs) and Measuring Learning ROI.

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