Micro Learning is a holistic approach for a skill-based learning through small learning units generally delivered as e-Learning or Mobile Learning even in a primary technological environment. It is designed to be effective, engaging and enjoyable for maximum knowledge acquisition.

Micro Learning is very effective in creating sticky learning experiences mitigating the ‘forgetting curve’. This can be achieved through Micro Learning Modules in learning path to-

  1. Replace formal learning (contributes 10% in overall learning acquisition)
  2. Integrating with Performance Activities (contributes about 70%)
  3. Supported with Assessment & Feedback System (contributes about 20%)

Micro Learning brings VALUE (Usefulness, Low Effort, Quick, Just-in-Time, Cost-Effective, etc) irrespective in which FORM it comes (Videos, Lessons, Messaging, Chatbots, Short-Books, etc).

Micro Learning for Corporates

Benefits of Micro Learning in Corporate Training:

There are a number of benefits of Micro Learning based Training for the Corporates as described below:

1. Highly Cost Effective & Agile

Due to short duration, Micro Learning-based Training costs significantly lower than the conventional classroom or even e-Learning training programs. They can be created and deployed much quicker than the other two models.

On account of the run length and the typical formats used to develop Micro Learning, these assets have a much shorter development cycles. Also, the Micro Learning Modules can be easily corrected & updated to enhance their impact.

2. Wide Application Range

Micro Learning can be applied for formal learning or as Performance Support Tools (PSTs). The Micro Learning Modules can also be used as stand-alone assets or they could be part a series of Micro Learning Courses.

If aligned with 10-70-20 model of learning, Micro Learning can be more effective.

3. Higher Learning ROI

Micro Learning is prominently designed considering a specific outcome in mind which leaves a positive impact of learning and its application. Micro Learning has proved to bring behavioral change that increases the overall Performance Goal and Productivity of expected deliverables.

Apart from these benefits, Micro Learning offers tangible benefits to the learners as well. You may have a look at- Benefits of Micro Learning to Learners.

sAvh Learning Solutions offers Micro Learning opportunities through its flagship product- microstics™ which is an AI-Powered Micro e-Learning SaaS Platform integrated with smart tools for Employee Skill Diagnosis, Performance Support Tools (PSTs) and Measuring Learning ROI.

To know more about microstics™, kindly get in touch.

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